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Water Softeners

Is a water softener the only domestic appliance still missing from your home?

Household Water Softeners

Limescale is a constant inconvenience for homes and businesses. It causes irreparable damage to pipework, appliances, taps and shower screens ,all costing you money.
As well as being costly, this can irritate skin further, especially if you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. The introduction of softened water can improve these conditions, as it is doesn’t contain as many minerals. You will notice that because products lather better and rinse off easier, your skin will feel silky smooth.
Our expert engineers are on hand to carry out a short survey in your home. They will look at your pipework, discuss your water usage and recommend the right softener for your circumstances. Our range of softeners means that we can provide the correct solution, tailor made to your home and budget.

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