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Water Filters,Cartridges and Taps

A water filter will improve the quality of your drinking water

Waterways specialise in providing better quality water and this includes the water that you drink. On a quest for better quality drinking water, bottled water has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Now that trend is reversing with the realisation of the environmental impact, however the desire for good quality drinking water remains.
The solution is to fit a water filter in your home. A simple installation will fit the filter neatly under your sink. You can choose to have it fitted to a separate drinking water tap or you can upgrade to a premium three way tap, the choice of many water softener owners. You can decide on type of the filter based on what you would like to take out of your water, starting from a simple taste, odour and chlorine cartridge or working up to a reverse osmosis system that will provide almost pure water. We keep a wide range to suit all needs and would be happy to advise you.



We keep a range of taps to suit every need and enhance your kitchen – single drinking water taps, three way taps that can have soft, hot or cold water and a hard drinking water feed and boiling water taps. Many of these have the option of a filter to give you the best quality water at every outlet.

Replacement Cartridges

We keep cartridges for the filters that we install and also a range of cartridges for other brands including Harvey and Kinetico. There are many different types of cartridges manufactured, so if you need professional advice please give us a call, we will be happy to advise

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