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How a Water Softener Works

A water softener works by removing the magnesium and calcium present in your water supply through a process of ion exchange, turning it from hard water to softened water. Unlike hard water, softened water does not damage your home’s piping, or cause a build up of scale in your appliances; reducing their effectiveness and lifespan.
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How it works

Your water softener should be installed as close to your main stopcock as possible so that your hard water coming in passes through the ion exchange resin beads. These resin beads remove the hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) from your water permanently making your water soft.

As soon as your water softener is installed, the microscopic beads inside the twin cylinders start doing their job.

The twin-cylinders inside a Water Softener are filled with millions of microscopic resin beads. Each bead has a negative charge, while calcium and magnesium carry positive charges in water. This means that, as the calcium and magnesium passes through the resin beads, they are attracted to one another.

All that exits the water softener is pure, softened water, while the minerals stay behind in the beads. Sodium taken from the block salt completes the exchange.

By softening your water, you can protect your home from harmful build up while also eliminating limescale (which is only present with hard water) and improve your family’s skin and hair, too.

Why should I have a water softener?

Hard water

Restricts pipework and causes flow problems

Fur’s up kettles, blocks showers

Slows down heat transfer within pipework and uses energy

Marks and damages taps, sinks and showers screens

Damages appliances and lessens lifespan

Aggravates skin conditions

Requires more detergent to create lather

Requires harsher cleaning methods

Creates a film on hot drinks

Soft water

Reduces and clears pipework to allow free flow

Removes existing limescale and keep scale free

Leaves pipework free for efficient heat transfer and uses less energy

Removes marking and prevents damage

Kinder to skin and hair

Less detergent better for skin, environment and wallet

Less marking and soap scum = less cleaning

Removes existing scale and keeps everything scale free

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